Production of cannabis oil
with medical applications
RAIS Medicann is a company specialized in cultivation, production and sale of cannabis products for medical applications. Cannabis has a rich history of use by people as medicine.

We have adopted the experience of our American and Israel colleagues and investors in the cultivation of cannabis for full cycle production - from crops to finished products.

The company also has the latest equipment, highly qualified employees in the field of management, production, finance, logistics, new technologies and other necessary specializations.
Our mission
1. To produce high-quality cannabis oil, medicines for treatment of specific patients in the region. To benefit people and the country.

2. To establish a well-known brand of products that is in great demand due to high quality, environmental friendliness and affordability.
Activities of Rais Medicann
Cultivation of raw materials RAIS Medicann will be able to grow on average 8,000 kg of cannabis per year. We have necessary planting and seed materials tested in laboratories.
Production RAIS Medicann is capable of processing on average 800 kg of cannabis oil concentrate per year, with capacity to cooperate with distributors requiring processing of raw materials.
Sale Thanks to an established network of partners, RAIS Medicann has the capacity to sell a wide range of additional cannabis processing products produced by licensed manufacturers, which will increase revenue and reduce costs.
Production Process Cultivation of cannabis in greenhouses; Collection and storage of raw materials; Production of high quality THC Oil, CBD Oil and CBD capsules based on cannabis raw materials.

We plan to construct a greenhouse and a factory for production of cannabis oil 50 km away from Almaty on the Kapchagay highway
The first stage of the process is cultivation of a special sort of medical cannabis in a specialized greenhouse using modern GAP and GMP technology.
The oil extractor system runs on ethanol and evacuates and transfers an emulsion from stage to stage in a fully-enclosed, recirculating closed loop, making it safe for a single operator.
Oil separator does the work of five 50L rotary evaporators while drawing the power of just one, because it separates ethanol from the extracted essential oils in a more efficient process.
In the last stage, THC Oil and CBD Oil are separated in equipment.
Establishment of a specialized clinic

The clinic is designed to treat patients with cannabis oil medications, and complies with GAP and GMP standards. These medications are effective for treating Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy (seizures), multiple sclerosis (muscle spasms), cancer, diabetes, asthma (other respiratory system diseases), hepatitis C.

With the participation of Israel doctors and lab technicians, the drugs made from THC and CBD will be prescribed to patients after the biopsy process. The clinic location will be Almaty. In addition, the clinic location will lead to inflow of patients from close and distant foreign countries.